Six Giant Bags of….


clothes and shoes (okay, and a bag full of acrylic yarn I will never use on anyone) were donated to local charities this weekend as part of the “purge” that is the move to Germany. I have finally (finally!) gotten Mr. Left to ditch the ugly sweaters and some shirts whose only use should be to flag down taxis in the middle of the night. There are still some b’f’ugly ties that I WILL get to. Their day is coming. All the toiletries I have taken from hotels over the years (we travel a lot), will go to work, where my colleagues also travel a lot (it’s an international firm). Half-consumed hooch also to the office for after-hours par-tays!

Finished my online socks on the way up to the wool festival, which freed me up of my WIP guilt, so I roamed the place like a lady with a free credit card. ALMOST bought that angora rabbit for $25 bucks. My purchases were:

  • straight needle case from Crippenworks
  • 100% silk lace 20/2 from Claudia’s Hand Painted Yarns
  • A book by Anna Zilboorg that I have been looking for forever
  • Mr. Left bought me No Sheep For You by Amy Singer–said he loved the two men sweaters in it
  • 2 skeins Koigu PPM to make the Monkey socks

Mr. Left was impressed with my level of self-restraint, but this year I had rules: don’t buy anything that I know I can get in Germany (this took a lot out of the game), only buy for the projects I have in mind, and only buy rare books you can’t find anywhere else (Where have all the Barbara Walker Second Treasury’s gone?). Sock yarn never counts. This made for a more enjoyable experience.

Tonight the purge continues with the personal papers–what to keep, what to scan. The movers come on the 18th for the first chunk of stuff known as the “quick ship”, then on the following Monday they come for the rest of it. We ship the car next week. I still can’t make sense of the mover’s explanation of what gets there first (you would think this would be the stuff in the “quick ship”). All I know is thank god I am a small person so that the rest of my luggage on the plane can be for my yarn. Oh, and my hot sauce.


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