First Pictures


Some quick updates first before I post the pictures. I have accidently deleted my works in progress section on my knitting. Everything on this computer is in German so I must have hit delete somewhere thinking it was “add”. I’ll add that back as soon as I can translate that back (I know someone somewhere is just dying to keep up on my knitting, right?). Second thing: I think we may have found a place to live. We have three places we are interested in, all very different from one another, but today we saw a place we just died over. Keep your fingers crossed for us. We should know in the next day or so if this is a done deal. Move in date would be July 1.

Okay, onto the nitty gritty. Last night they lit up the castle to recreate the time when it was burned down (or at least a sad attempt). They do this three times in the summer. The castle is literally right above town as Heidelberg is on the side of a mountain. It was red and smoky–very cool. Then they set off fireworks on the old bridge which was also pretty neat, but it did sound like bombs were going off. We were eating dinner in a restaurant right next to the bridge and I nearly jumped out of my seat.

Today, after looking at another potential flat, we strolled around town and went up to the castle. Here are some great views of the city from there.

That’s it for now. A big Happy Wedding to my friend, Julie, who is getting married today. Wish I could be there. XOXO


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