Drivers Ed


What is worse than drivers ed when you’re 15? Drivers ed when you’re 30. BUT at least this time around I am entertained with signs that read “Einfahrt”. On Wednesday, after three hours of cheezie driving videos (but this time imagine a Fiat on the autobahn instead of a Buick on the interstate), we took the German driving test. I have to tell you I dreaded this thing, which we heard was one of the hardest tests out there. I was already sitting there planning when I would come back to retest. The signs and rules seemed illogical, so between the streetcars, bicycles, pedestrians, and infirm with yellow arm bands (I kid you not–this is on the test) I thought it would be best for everyone if I just not drive. If I see a yarn shop, everyone gets whiplash, you know. Spargel on the side of the road? Let’s pull over! I am not a city driver. But instead, I finally do well on a multiple choice test, and pass. I am free to roam the country, and all of the continent in the bug.


  • The apartment: we have agreed to the lease and will be signing it next week. It’s in a historical building so there are many rules about what we can and can’t do to the inside and outside. No biggie. I’ll take the stained glass and fancy ceilings, etc. We move in early July.
  • The washing machine: still goes for 119 minutes. I am being optimistic about this and looking at it as a great way to make my black shirts that great shade of grey I have always wanted.
  • The dryer: I have conquered this thing. I can now–get this–make my clothes dry with this machine. But I have no idea what I did so if anybody touches the thing I will likely hurt them.

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