Starting German Lessons


I was wrong to deny the many who went before me and said that learning German was hard. I thought, hey, this is my fourth foreign language–I am a pro at this. And by day two my brain was softer than jello left on the counter overnight. I am taking intensive beginners German. This means 3 hours a day, every day, for two weeks, at which point I reassess my sanity and willingness to live illiterate. There are 12 people in my class from all over the world. The entire class is taught in German. I thought this was good–this is how I learned Swahili. But German, to my ear, sounds like a long hacking, sort of like bronchitis without the Z-Pack, with an oy thrown in every once and a while. I have the hacking of the ever-famous ich down. I guess this is progress.
I can also now successfully purchase my morning coffee without the look of “what-did-you-just-say?” that I have been getting. Small successes make my day.

We got a small shipment from home this week, including our bikes. I rode my bike to class today. So thrilled! This is great not only because this is the first time I have been able to ride my bike since my foot surgery in March, but also because we have always dreamed of living in a place where bikes are a major transportation method.

We also moved into our flat on Monday. I have some pictures to send you, but I forgot my camera today. We managed to buy an oven, too, and it fit in the back of our beetle (no minor miracle), and we both carried it up to the second floor. Desperation brings great strength. There’s no way you could have made me do that at home, for sure.



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