The International Sweater


In a little over a week, Mr. Left and I, and two friends from the states will be piling into the bug for some whiteknuckling on the autobahn (yes, that’s right, I will be driving) as we make our way to Amsterdam, the land of anything goes. This brings to mind the last time I was in Amsterdam, which was about a year ago, as I was laying over on the way to work. With me was this–the Lucky Clover Lace Wrap.
Or as I like to refer to it, Lucky-if-I’ll-ever-finish-it. This unfortunate work in progress started as several luscious balls of a cashmere/silk/cotton mix of some brand I no longer can find the ball band for. It is so soft, and a light green my camera cannot capture. I thought this would be a perfect project that would keep me interested for 6 weeks away in Africa for work.

And it did. I got most of it done.

It has been from the lovely Stitch DC shop where I purchased it to Amsterdam (twice already), to Kampala, Uganda, and all throughout the southern parts of Uganda, even sneaking over the border to Rwanda. Then on a plane to Nairobi, where it then traveled the potholed roads around Kenya, then back on a plane to the Netherlands and back to DC. Then to Cincinnati on layover on the way to Seattle and in the car to Canada and Vancouver one summer, and back again. Up and back to New England several times. This sweater has even been helped along by my friend, Julie.

But as any time zone crossing traveler will testify, free wine and knitting and the loss of time do not mix (note the mess up in that picture above). Granted, when I pulled it out to examine it after about a year of not looking at it, loss of memory served me well as I couldn’t figure out where I messed up exactly. So screw it. I am pressing on. If I can’t figure it out now I figure no one will be looking that closely at my backside either.


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