The Art Gallery Feeling


I decided to fully embrace my new home and pull a mini-strike by taking over the bookcase.

Books used to occupy every shelf. Before we moved we had to give loads away. In trying to furnish this place, we have obviously started with most important pieces of furniture. But now we are down to my yarn shelf.

And I am waaaaiiiting.

So I staged a mini protest last night. The yarn came out of the zippered garment bags and onto the shelves. Moved those darn books right out of there, and I will certainly put them in the bomb shelter in the basement if left with no alternative.

My mini strike is already working as Mr. Left was mumbling something about going to Ikea this weekend as he was dozing off to sleep last night. Hee hee. That took about 4 hours.

The shelves certainly make this recent package of O-Wool Balance from Jimmy Beans Wool look a lot nicer than it would have in the friggin’ closet in a garment bag.

It’s certified organic merino wool and cotton in a 50/50 blend. I’m going to make Mr. Left a sweater for his birthday/xmas (depending upon how nice the pattern is to the brain-hand pathway, you see). Sometimes patterns have their own time continuum that I have no say in.

But for now it all looks so nice I don’t even want to knit with any of it. I just want to look at it all, which must be that feeling people get at the art gallery. Feel the nice American and Canadian wool. I am just beside myself with glee. Who woulda thought it’d look so good out of the garment bag?


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