Jaywalkers Update!


I was beginning to think I would never finish the Jaywalkers. I have mostly been concentrating on the Minimalist Sweater, which goes slow considering it is moss stitch, but considering it is not fingering weight yarn (think dental floss, my non-knitting friends), it has been much faster than the Jaywalkers.

I mean, this Swiss stuff I have been knitting the Jaywalkers with now makes my Koigu PPPM seem almost…chunky?

Well, two days of hard pressed knitting and those babies are in the sink right now soaking for a good blocking later on my makeshift metal-hanger-cum-sock-blockers that I think even Mommie Dearest would be very happy to see out of the closet.

So back to my list. The Noro Scarf is for stash deficiency knitting only (I would never wear it only because it is like wearing a scarf with yarn that has been dragged about the farm by a kid goat. This was bought for dreams of a Clapotis long ago, but I discovered that, when knit by me, I did not like Clapotis.) So now I am trying to knit it away into things. It is scratchy and not meant for me.

Baby Bolero meant for a friend due in 2008, so I have time. No Wool Socks? Aka Summer Socks, so I have time there. Jim’s socks were supposed to be his present last xmas but he has feet the size of a yeti and the traffic of the New Jersey Turnpike could not even compel me to knit the second.

So I will have to see. I need a project that will last me the weekend with the drive to Prague and back. Any suggestions?


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