All Travel Revolves Around Knitting Projects


So before we left for Prague I had to think of the proper knitting project to bring. None of the ones I had would fit the trip. I finished Jaywalker. I had a monster of a sweater to do (i.e. Minimalist and Cobblestone) and did not feel like lugging skeins of yarn everywhere so I needed a sock to do. There have been two skeins of yarn haunting me for the last two years or so. I hate to even use that word for this because they are Koigu and I love Koigu. If you think you can’t wear wool, try Koigu. I love Koigu. Have I said that enough? So I took these two skeins, found a pattern that would make magic out of the color horror (I have no idea what I was thinking when I chose this color), and voila! It has worked. Check out number one:Not to mention I have finally perfected the art of picking up stitches along the heel flap thanks to Grumperina’s tutorial. Some women have their “I’m-wearing-pretty-lingerie” feeling. I had a “Omigod-look-at-my-heelflap” feeling all around the hotel room on one foot (Mr. Left can confirm, sadly). As a perfectionist, I can say Grumperina is the enabler of the perfect heel flap. Oh, and I did go around saying, “Omigod, look at that heelflap!”

Thanks also to Cookie A. for her Monkey pattern (you can get it on Knitty). This yarn glowed like radiation in a dark room for two years. Cookie’s pattern (I am the last person on earth to knit the monkey) somehow brings out the true intention of the hand dyed yarn. In a skein, the colors did not make sense, or even look appetizing. But knit in this pattern, the colors are perfectly synchronized.
I need to crank out the st st (stockinette stitch for you nonknitters) today on Cobblestone. This thing calls for 16 inches, with two side bands of garter. It’s a beautiful sweater, but it is a man’s sweater. Men do not like intricate sweaters. They like sweaters with a lot of stockinette stitch in them, or the kind of stitch that we knitters find boring. It is hard to find a pattern for men that bridges the divide between pleasing them and not boring us. This is one pattern that does bridge the divide.

Check out how the O-Wool Balance, which is a 50% organic cotton and 50% organic merino wool blend give a tweedy look. This is because of the dyeing process used, in which only animal fibers take up the dye, leaving the cotton untouched. This was a great find because the yarn called for is discontinued, and Mr. Left is always on the hot side and so this blend will be better for him anyway.

Me? I am still trying to design an electric knitted outfit that will completely encase me because I am always cold.


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