Pictures from Prague…finally


Ok, the pictures from Prague are uploaded on my Flickr. Let’s see if the link works this way. Prague was gorgeous. But considering we were there at the height (or should we say lowest) point of dollar unworthiness, Mr. Left was unusually hyper on the conversion rate fun game he likes to play. Not that I blame him–we do lose a lot being paid in dollars and having to live in Euros–but I just don’t feel better about it being reminded at every purchase, especially when it is the best espresso I have had in 5 months.

I find that every where we go here only makes me love Germany even more, which has been a pleasant surprise for both of us. We both had some of the stereotypes of Germany before coming here, and have found that almost all of them are wrong. We are coming to the states for a quick trip soon and I am already becoming homesick for Heidelberg (no one in the states eats pretzels and desserts for breakfast–they’ll think we’re nuts!). And crap beer. This place is addictive.

I got my first etsy.com order yesterday (woohoo!!)–a gorgeous skein of Green Monster merino for socks, some cedar blocks (the moths here are as big as hummers), and a skein of wool I will be dyeing myself. I should have bought two, so I can bring them with me to the states to dye them with my nieces Natalia and Mallorie. I plan on Kool-Aid dyeing them and it would be fun to do that with them and then knit them something from wool they dyed themselves. Maybe I still have time to find some natural wool…hmm..Knit Picks?? Or maybe I will get it when we go to the Green Mountain Spinnery in Vermont.

Oh, and I scored two great skeins of local, handpainted wool from die Woolmeise for my friend, Julie. When this lady hand dyes, it is like the Filene’s basement bridal sale when it goes up for purchasing.

I am still slogging away on Cobblestone, but I think I made about 3 or 4 inches of progress last night. I hate st st but it’s good for when you want to watch tv (we are now iTunes TV addicted) and still be productive. Didn’t touch the monkey last night but will today. That could be read wrong, huh? And two parts of minimalist are drying on the floor from last night’s blocking. I am a little scared about the back because it seems HUGE, but ok. Trust the pattern. Trust the pattern. I may just have to take serious liberties at the seams when I sew that baby up, so all will not be lost.


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