Not a Bad Monday At All!


Ok, so finally my brain picks a good night to have insomnia, so I get to watch the Red Sox win the world series. This means 3:30 am for me here. I woke Mr. Left at the bottom of the 9th for the win, and went back to sleep.

Meanwhile, made some serious progress on Cobblestone. No pictures of that. Do you really wanna see st st grow? Just go to my flickr and imagine it longer. I finished the body and am 2/3 on the first sleeve. Normally, knitting while having insomnia is not good for me (I think some folks can do it), but this just means frogging it all the next day. But happily, all the st st in this pattern is insomnia-friendly (so happy for this), so I actually made progress last night while not even knowing it!

I am also in the home stretch of my last monkey and it’s looking good. I’m already getting anxious about what socks I will move onto next. I think I will do some Snicket Socks from MagKnits, since all you need is a ball of Regia which practically falls from the trees here. Maybe I will knit them up in the wool/silk blend?

The Minimalist Sweater is alllllllmost finished. I am knitting the last sleeve of that and have blocked all the other pieces. Our foyer is the official blocking area as all of our floors are hardwood and the carpet we’ve laid in there is the only one thick enough to handle my blocking pins. I hope to have this done by the time we fly to the states for a visit!

And finally, a package today from Wollmeise!!! Sadly, it is not for me, but I got to enjoy opening it anyway. It’s for my friend, Julie, who missed out on the Wollmeise at Loopy Ewe. But why have a German yarn connection and not use it? Jules, I will keep it safe and not use any of it (swear!).


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