Mad Dash of Preparations


Mr. Left’s sweater will be done and blocked by the trip. Just some more rows on the neck, and some grafting on the underarm, and a good blocking.So, this is how our luggage contents for the trip are shaping up:

  • 3 bags of 24 smaller bags of gummi bears
  • 3 bars of Christmas Chocolate (more of each coming)
  • 6 bottles of German wine
  • 2 skeins of Wollmeise yarn
  • enough yarn and patterns to stave off boredom for 2 weeks (including knitting needles and notions)
  • bags to bring back more stuff
  • oh, and some clothes

The dollar exchange rate with the Euro is, well, something like getting a leg waxing every time you go to the bank, so for us, going to America will be like going to a long lost place where the currency is incredibly cheap and we will be buying up. I plan to eat my weight in Dunkin Donuts, pad thai, and sushi. And free water when you sit down in a restaurant? LOL!

I hope some nice person will be behind me when I pass out as I walk into Borders, that warehouse of a bookstore where all the books are in English. I am just dying for some books in English. Intellectually stimulating ones! No more chic lit! So please, if you are in the Boston-area, and someone passes out in the bookstore, it’s me.

In the meantime I am in full time laundry mode, which means watching your clothes get washed in the front-loader with a cup of water for 2 hours before you can dry it in the dryer. Yes, a cup of water. This gives me plenty of time to work on these:
Not that good at the short row heel usually, but this time I got it right. Perfect snug fit. Nothing like a new pair of socks on the way. Ich bin die Foxy Lady!


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