Flying with Pointy Objects


After maybe three revisions on the neck, Cobblestone is finished (well, rolled up wet in a towel waiting to be blocked, but that is finished to me!). Mr. Left is so happy with the finished result.

I have been getting conflicting stories on whether I’ll be able to take my knitting on the plane tomorrow. The Blue Blog had no problem when she flew Lufthansa, and I have had no problems all the places I have flown to, BUT still I am nervous. (I haven’t sat and just watched anything in a long time. If my hands aren’t making something I feel unproductive. Knitting is my valium, so to speak.) I’ll put in a lifeline at the very least, put in some bamboo dpns in my case, and leave the addi turbos on. This way, if I have to surrender my addi turbos I can do so in a jiffy (I sat on one anyway, so it’s crooked and mildly annoying). I have heard that if they see the work in progress on the needles, they let it go. In Kenya, they wanted to confiscate my needles but between my Swahili and nearly finished sweater on the needles (the International Sweater of ill-repute) he relented and said to try on the next security gate. No problem.

And as usual, I am a sucker for charity causes that revolve around knitting. Today’s cause? Oliver’s Fund. It’s for a boy who needs a wheelchair and knitters are getting together to make 4 inch squares out of sock yarn that will eventually be sewn up to make a blanket that will be raffled off. The proceeds of the raffle will go to buying the wheelchair. Kay, of the Mason Dixon duo, has offered to be the US donation point. I have already made three since last night:
The blue and variegated yarns are both from Dancing Leaf in rural Maryland. Both yarns are a wool/mohair blend and come in huge skeins. The whole process, sheep/goat to skein is done on their farm. (And their dog and cat are so friendly you either want to never leave, or throw them both in the car). The green yarn is Trekking XXL leftovers from a pair of socks I made this year.


One comment

  1. Christine,

    Thanks for the beautiful and very size-compliant squares and the (ahem) goodies!

    xo Kay

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