Eye Candy Monday


Our Amaryllis has finally bloomed. It’s amazing that anything green can live in what little sunlight we are getting here these days! (Our basil plant died as there wasn’t enough sunlight to keep it going).

Sorry, no pictures for you on the knitting front as I don’t want to give away what it is I am knitting for people for Christmas.

But in speaking of knitting, there are other uses for knitting needles:
Can you see it? The weight of the stems pulled the bulb right out of the pot one night and luckily I had a long US 7 that was perfect for a makeshift stake to keep it up. And yes, the tie to the plant is yarn (Classic Elite Summer Set if you’re that interested). Like a lot of knitters I rarely use my straight knitting needles anymore; I use circulars and dpn’s for almost everything. I used a lot of straights when I was in the Peace Corps as those were the needles you could find most of the time. In fact, the needle holding up my amaryllis I bought while I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya.


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  1. That flower is absolutely gorgeous!

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