New Years


It’s only proper that a good procrastinator would write a blog about New Years six days late. I like to call it “extra contemplative”. I’d like to take a moment and reflect on 2007, like so many of my fellow knitters and bloggers have done. I was lucky to start the year by moving into a new division at my old job and work with fantastic people. Not just fantastic as in fun (which they were), but we had a rhythm that worked well, and a support net that is a rare find. My husband and I lived in DC, a city we loved, doing work we believed in. It was so cool to walk to work and see the Capitol building down the block, and various MSNBC tapings being done live in front of my favorite lunch place (which gave away free pickles!!). And the best knitting shop I have ever found in the world is there–Stitch DC. When they opened a shop up the street from us, I feared for my checking account.

But now we live in Germany in the most beautiful place we could have ever imagined, right in the middle of town. Life has a way of working things out for you if you just let it. We never knew that it was possible to fall in love with a place like this so fast.

As for my knitting, I have learned a lot this year, mostly from fellow knitters on the web at their blogs: Grumperina, who taught me how to pick up the heel flap stitches in a pretty way; Anne Hanson at knitspot.com whose lace designs were so gorgeous they brought me out of self-doubt and into Teosinte, a sock pattern with lace. Now I feel like I can try anything.; the blue blog, who offered a pattern for baby pants and sure enough they looked presentable when I was finished with them; and Eunny Jang who fears nothing and takes on everything–hey, it’s only yarn!

I have learned how to make my own sock patterns from any gauge yarn, and from the toe-up or from the top-down. I can do stripes and minimize the jog. Cables without a cable needle (for the easy cables at least). Set-in sleeves. Tubular cast-on. I learned intarsia. I don’t like intarsia, but at least I tried it. Finally can do fair isle without it being tight as all get out. I can line anything! I designed my own scarf and my own socks. I knit my first cardigan! And I can rewrite most patterns to my liking.

For 2008, here’s what I would like to learn and knit:
1. Invisible cast-on
2. My first lace shawl
3. Double knitting
4. Moebius strip
5. Knit an adult-sized blanket
6. Design an intricate pair of socks
7. Design a pair of mittens
8. Knit a BSJ
9. Learn Continental knitting

What are your desires for 2008?


One comment

  1. What a great list! I will enjoy following your progress through the year.

    I have some informal knitting goals for 2008, mainly knitting more gifts for family and friends, and continuing to learn more about techniques like colorwork and cabling.

    Best wishes~

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