Slow Knitting


This year one of my resolutions was, no is!, to keep my works in progress (WIPS) limited to just a few. It’s now June and I am actually succeeding at this. I tend to have three going at one time–one that’s good for the train (i.e. socks), one that’s mindless, and one that’s my long haul (i.e. lace). One sock pattern that I am just loving right now (which means I will knit this several times) is Clementines Baltic Socks. Here’s mine, knit up on US 1’s in Louet Gems Fingering Weight in colorway Eggplant. I’m about a third of the way through on the second sock. The only adjustment to the pattern I made was increase the pattern by four stitches for the first two pattern repeats to allow for a roomy calf.Here’s my long haul: the Catalina Shawl by G. Bella. The pattern is different from most lace shawls. I wanted it to be a denser shawl so I am knitting it on US 2’s with JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool 2/18 Laceweight in colorway Juniper. Out of eight repeats I am halfway on the third. I adjusted the pattern by adding another pattern repeat in the middle to make it wider. What I also like about this shawl is that since I am no where near getting close to finishing this, I can actually enjoy the process of lace knitting. One day, when I am eligible for retirement I may actually notice it’s time to cast off and add the fringe.

There was another Raveler in town so of course I had to take her (and reluctant hostage-to-yarnies husband) to the yarn shop. She and I got some great goods, and I found out there is a back room full of handdyed sock yarn they were holding out on me (not anymore!). Good God. Not only was it full of sock yarn, but it was organized in Ikea tupperware. In other words, my perfectionist organizational mecca. Yeehaw! The stuff I got is a wool, silk and ramie blend. I can’t wait to put them to the test next winter (ok, I can literally wait till next winter, but I’m just saying I will be prepared).And I also picked up a ball of Kauni 8/2, which is this wonderful colored yarn from Denmark. This stuff is crazy. I never knew about Kauni till I moved to Germany and hopped onto Ravelry. I already have enough of the bluish yarn to make a shawl, but I wanted to get some other color to play around with, so here is the second batch:


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  1. Oh, a back room? I’m definitely coming back!

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