I Bought A Dress. On Purpose.


I can hear all my friends gasping on that one.

I had to buy one. Not as in I-had-to-because-it-was-calling-to-me-from-the-sale-rack-had-to, but because next month Hubbo and I are going to one of his best friends’ wedding and he is in the wedding party which means I should try to look presentable. I have been putting off looking for a dress for a long time. My friends who are reading this know of one time when I have worn a dress and that was at my wedding. But even then I was practical with the whole thing and wore sneakers underneath.

So yesterday, I sucked it up and went out looking. I don’t like clothes shopping something real bad. I would pick having my legs waxed, pain and all, any old day.

Why I Hate Clothes Shopping:
It’s inefficient–all the effort you put into looking to get one thing only to have to get it tailored anyway.

In the end it’s just a covering for your body so you don’t get arrested for public nudity, so why spend so much money to avoid a fine.

With everything you will buy you will always gravitate to a favorite outfit and let everything else languish in the closet.

I’d rather spend my money elsewhere.

Finally, I don’t like dresses.

This is part of why I like knitting so much, I guess. My socks always fit and my feet are never cold. But whenever I bought socks the heels were halfway up the back of my leg. Ugh. I can make sweaters the color and style that I want with sleeves that fit and when I am tired of the style years later I can frog the sweater and reknit it into something else. All I need then is a pair of Birkenstocks and a pair of jeans. Easy. Whoever said you can’t hike up a mountain in Birkenstocks (clogs or sandals) is a flat out liar.

So you must be wondering what this dress is that I bought. Would you believe that it was the first dress I pulled off the rack at the first store I went into and it fit like a glove? That never happens. I went home very carefully making sure I didn’t get hit by a bus. I got it at a store called Mango. It’s a Spanish chain owned by, of all people shoot-me-now, Penelope Cruz. Here it is.



  1. Penelope Cruz owns Mango? You learn something new every day!
    It’s a very pretty dress, but then again I can’t really relate as I absolutely looove dresses anyway. 😀
    I hear you about clothes shopping though, that’s why knitting and sewing come in so handy… if only it wouldn’t take me so long to sew something.

  2. I am going to a wedding in 1.5 weeks that boyfriend is the best man in. I forgot completely until now that I should probably have a dress for this. It is in southern Virgina, though, so maybe jeans would be acceptable, after all… ?

  3. No no no! Penelope Cruz doesn’t own Mango. She only featured in Mango adds last season since she and her sister designed a collection for Mango.
    A very nice dress, though. I went to a wedding this weekend, but I wasn’t that lucky looking for a dress in HD.

  4. Sneakers really? : ). Scott and I got married in jeans and T-shirts. I did wear pretty rhinestoney heels, but I wanted to be in flip flops. Maybe when we renew our vows in 50 years!

    I have to clothes shop. I hate clothes shopping. Those pants I bought when I was with you….total fluke, pants never fit me!

    Nice dress. We have Mango here in Baku. I’ll have to check it out….Penelope Cruz? Well, it’s better than JLo.

  5. LOVE the dress!! I love buying dresses, but I never wear them… The problem is that Ann Taylor’s dresses are exactly my style and usually fit well, but I never have anyplace to wear them to. But you have inspired me (I can hear you groaning now) to wear the dresses no matter what the occasion!

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