The Sound of Music Drive-By


Some of you may know that my friend, Sara, has been visiting from the states. She and I were in the Peace Corps together (that’s how we met). Well, we were giddy to be able to go to Salzburg, Austria and go on The Sound of Music Tour by Panorama Tours. Giddy. Beside ourselves. Humming and singing songs just days before we even got there.

We saw beautiful sites, like the Alps, the house and pier where the Von Trapp family falls out of the boat when the Captain comes home and introduces that wretched woman his new fiancee.

Our Garish Bus

Our Garish Bus

Well, if you ever get a chance to go to this great city, do not take this tour with this company. We don’t wanna write off this tour completely, so give any of the other companies a chance and let me know, but Panorama sucked could do much better.

Aside from piling us into a huge bus that made most of the good sites inaccessible due to parking (such as the road Maria skipped down on her way to the Von Trapp house for the first time–we couldn’t go because it is only for pedestrians. This could have been avoided by using a smaller bus and parking it down the road, for example), our tour guide was campy (barf bags should have been provided) and we were shown a documentary for most of the way.

When we were let out of the bus, we were hurried with the promise of the “best applestrudel in Austria” if we didn’t dawdle, so we rushed like lemmings to take our photos and hop back on the Garish-Express. I managed to grab a photo of the gazebo used in the song “Sixteen Going On Seventeen” that Liesl sang with her Nazi boyfriend, who we learned didn’t really exist at all.

The Gazebo used in the song "Sixteen Going On Seventeen"

The Gazebo

So when we got to Mondsee, land of the famous applestrudel, we were left to our own demise for over an hour to explore this church, the site of the famous wedding scene. Yeah, the outside doesn’t look like anything to me either. But the inside did. The applestrudel was mehh…I’ve had better. Eleonore, Sara’s relative in Munich, has a much tastier homemade version.

Many sites were pointed to from the bus, hence the title of the post. So not worth the money we forked over (not even counting for the exchange rate, which almost makes the tour the punishment we deserved). The saving grace? Getting to share the experience, and the hilarity of it all with Sara.

Sara and I at Wolfgang See in Austria in the Salzkammergut region

Sara and I at Wolfgang See in Austria in the Salzkammergut region


  1. The picture of you and Sara is both cute AND scenic — big win! Makes me want to move to Austria and skip the tour.

  2. I love your haircut! Bummer about the tour!

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