Will I be Whipped by my WIPs??


I know what you were thinking when you read that post title: naughty, naughty. You cheeky bugger.

I have been trying to be real good about keeping my WIPs in check this year, but as winter comes (here in my neighborhood, you know it’s coming when the eis shop–or, gelato shop–closes up and the family moves back to Italy until next year) I want to knit up lots of stuff to keep me warm. I think as knitters, we all feel this urge about now.

So I have two works in progress on the needles right now and I feel so guilty about it (man, the Catholic Church trained me good). Maybe I feel so bad because I am getting ready to cast on a third–gahhhh! But just look:

Clockwise, starting at left: Sock #1 (pattern is mine, stitch recipe from Babs Walker’s First Treasury) made with Lana Grossa 6 Fach Special (Fach means ply, more or less); Tangled Yoke Cardigan by Eunny Jang made with Rowan Felted Tweed in colorway Treacle (boy does knitting this thing kill the arthritis in my hands, which is why I need this next project); this is a ball of Kauni Effektgarn (love love love this stuff) that I am thinking I will use to make the[Rav link ahead] Kellokukka Shawl by Elina Urmas [non-Rav link below]. The pattern is in Finnish, but there is a link on the pattern page in Ravelry that will take you to Nunt’s page [Rav link] and she will email you (she has the designer’s permission) the English translation.

If you have a chance, check out Elina’s other patterns and see what others have knit. Gorgeous!

I also managed to take a picture of me wearing my latest sweater–the sweater by Suvi S.

Not the clearest picture, but more lively than the chair wearing it, eh? This sweater is so soft (and it’s 100% wool!!) that I want to sleep in it. , eh? You’ll be happy to know this shot made me drag the tripod out of the basement, so hopefully as the fading sunlight goes we can get better shots. Hmm…maybe I will make an entire outfit out of this stuff and not come out till Spring. I’m not quite sure if I’m joking there….



  1. I totally know what you mean – I keep casting on for scarfs, hats and (oh my!) I think my first socks will be in production soon too.

  2. My yarn for my Baby Cables, and Big Ones Too arrived last night. I’m swatching today and hopefully going to cast on soon. I really do still have Giftmas presents to knit, but I REALLY want to make this for myself too!

  3. sweater looks great!!! it’s snowing here… so keep knitting if you’re visiting in January!

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