Knitting Frantically in the Dungeon


It’s 3pm here and it’s so dusk-like that I had to turn on a friggin’ light inside the house so I could see something. It’s already happening, people–the German winter. Or call it the Northern European winter as I don’t want to be exclusionary.

It’s dark dark by 4:30pm. So of course your brain is like, “Wtf? The whole day can’t already be gone??” Then you tell it that yes, the whole day isn’t gone so you continue on, fooling your brain into thinking it’s still day (just a dark version) and before you know it, it’s 11:30 pm, and your brain is like, “Wtf? The whole evening can’t already be gone???” Replay this for months till Spring comes and you’ll soon know why the bears and other hibernating animals said, “Oh hell” and gave it all up for a giant nap till warmer weather came.

I’m beginning to think my German and European friends are holding out on me. They seem so used to this–what is their secret?? Guys, what are you putting in your kaffee and kuchen? You are holding out on me. Is it something in the Lebkuchen? I feel another session at the Friedrichsbad calling and I think I will be so zonked from this lack-of-sunlight business to even notice if it’s a coed day.

One thing this freezing cold Amerikaner has been doing since the sun has bid us adieu, or wiedersehen, is stocking up on the mad fat winter knits. My socks have gone thin (I even got a splinter from our floors in my foot–it’s still in there, and yes, it hurts like a mo-fo, and yes I have soaked it!) and Hubbo has made a sport of running around after me turning the heat down. Here is some of what I have made:

Wavy Rib SocksThese are some socks I made using Lana Grossa Special 6-Ply Yarn. I used a stitch receipt from Barbara Walker’s first treasury and adapted it to the round. They are wonderfully warm and cushy. They are a bit on the fat side, but I like this and have bought my Birkenstock clogs on the bigger side for about two or three years now to accommodate this. I got this yarn at Treffpunkt in Nurnberg, which is at Lorenzerplatz 3 at the left side of the church if you’re looking at the entrance to the church.

kellokukkaThis is a shawl (60″ x 30″) by a Finnish designer, Elina Urmas. The shawl is called Kellokukka, which I think means “bell flower”. I knit it up on US 8 circulars with Kauni Effektgarn (Danish yarn). The pattern is in Finnish, but I emailed a lovely woman named Sanna on Ravelry and she offered an English translation and any additional help I might need along the way (which was good, because I needed help!). Thanks to her explanations and emails I was able to finish it. This was the first time I ever knit with the Kauni, and it has a lot of lanolin in it (which felt nice on my hands). It is a bit scratchy, but like everyone says, this gets better with each wearing and washing.

On the needles, sort of, right now, are Ysolda’s Grown Up Booties, which I am knitting in Classic Elite Montera (one skein people!!)–I have had this in my stash for so long I can’t remember where or when I even got it. They are all knit up (I had to modify them by stitching up the middle of the foot to make them tighter) and seamed, but I’m doing some embroidery to liven them up a bit. Besides, in the dungeon of winter the embroidery will help me locate them in the wee hours of the morning.


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  1. I feel your darkness. It isn’t so bad here but the winters in Belarus were very dark, dreary and cold. Hang in there and keep knitting, spring will be here before you know it (I hope so that I can move).

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