Spring Is Coming!


How do I know this? The Italians came back and reopened the gelato shop down the street, just like last year. We were walking into town with some friends for dinner and when we passed it we got so excited you would have thought that someone was giving out free Euros on the street. It’s the best eis in Heidelberg, all within a few blocks of us. Spring’s arrival will be confirmed once the fugly wind breakers on the bridge get taken down. And then before you know it people will be laying out on the Neckarstrasse, the grassy strip along the river. Ah, it is just so beautiful here.

Since today is so beautiful I decided to get some overdue errands done–i.e. arrange for the electrician to come and fix our ceiling lights which have been out for ages (not kidding on this one). You’d think I could just call them up and ask for an appointment, but alas my German is still in its infantile stage so I rely a lot on reading faces and pantomiming (I think the locals laugh a lot about this once I leave, but oh well). I’m guessing not a lot of women go into the electrician and make appointments that way because when I went in all the men seemed quite happy that a young lady came in (but not in a I’ve-been-in-prison-and-haven’t-seen-a-woman-in-a-loooong-while kind of way). So we will finally have our lights back in the living room–yay!!

And as a final random note, I’ve ordered a drop spindle and some fiber from the online shop, Spunky Eclectic. It’s a Kundert wooden drop-spindle that comes with 8 oz. of handpainted Blue Faced Leicester and Corriedale roving (those are breeds of sheep for you non-knitters). I was inspired to finally succumb to this curiosity this weekend when I had the Ravelry “Knitters in Heidelberg” group over and saw Nana, one of the members, spinning. And my friend, Jenn, in Azerbaijan is also spinning (well, actually she is picking sheep crap out of the fleece right now but she does spin, too, when all of the poop is out). So I have another hobby that will suck our money from the bank, but like I tell the Mister, “At least it’s not crack.”



  1. I have to find out where your Eis place is! I told you we were in Neuenheim on Monday to babysit. I managed to get out for a few minutes to the yarn shop at the Marktplatz, where I bought a skein of Super Soxx. But where the owner told me “Oh, you can’t knit socks with circular needles!” When I showed her you could, she just said “Oh, well….” and looked at me like I was crazy. And another woman (German) was in the shop, looking for long straight needles, so that she could prop one under her arm and knit right-handed–and the owner thought she was nuts too. So perhaps it won’t be my favorite yarn store–though she has a nice selection for being such a tiny place! I need to meet you in Neuenheim some day and have you show me where the Handschusheim place is.

  2. Sadly, the poop picking has been in vain. The quality of the fleece/wool is not great for spinning, the fibers are too short, so I’ll end up just felting them….works for me!

    I’m so excited that you will be spinning. Did you get a top or bottom whorl? I have both, but have only tried the top so far. My favorite shop for fiber is Copperpot Woolies on Esty. I must warn you, do not enter or you WILL buy!

    I also signed up for a self fleece study on ravelry in the Beginner Spinners group…its the pink one on my group list. Anyway, I think that it will be a fun way to learn about the fibers and how they wash/spin! I’m going to end now before I crash your server! Happy spinning. Join the Spindlers group!

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