FO: Shur’tugal Socks


They took a month, but it was worth it. Last night I finished a new pair of socks called Shur’tugal by the designer Socktopus. The whole pattern was full of twisted stitches that normally would have scared me off–I don’t really like using cable needles and I was too lazy to learn how to do this with just the knitting needles. But lucky for me, the designer included these instructions in her pattern, so I finally learned. It’s actually really fun and helps pass the time, curing me of Second Sock Syndrome.

Shur'tugal Socks by Socktopus

The yarn I used was from Blue Moon Fiber Arts from the Socks That Rock series in colorway Korppi, which is black with green, purple and bluish undertones. I’ve been dying to use this yarn for a long time and finally got some. The color crocked a bit, but washed off easily. This pattern will really eat up your one skein of BMFA–I had only 2g left by the time I grafted the toe! I think in the future when using this yarn I’ll divide the skein up using my scale and knit from the toe-up so I don’t spend the last 4 inches or so worrying about if I’ll have enough.



  1. I love those socks! I started to knit a pair a bit ago and loved the pattern too (the yarn wasn’t working out for me, but I hope to case on again soon)!

  2. Gorgeous!

  3. These are REALLY nice. I wish I liked knitting socks more.

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