FO: Hemlock Ring Blanket


Hemlock Ring Blanket

Every once in a while something gets knitted that shocks me–in a I-can’t-believe-I-made-that sort of way. This is one of those times. Originally a tabletop doily pattern, Hemlock Ring was adapted to a blanket pattern by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed. I never really thought I would make this blanket, even as I bought the wool for it during a trip to Minnesota to see friends. I’ve made baby blankets (tiny recipients, thus tinier blankets) but didn’t think I would have the patience to make one for a normalish-sized adult. Again knitting can surprise you! A lot of non-knitters think it takes patience to knit anything. Little do they know that many knitters are some of the most impatient people on earth; we just bide our time using our hands instead of tapping our toes.

Pattern: Hemlock Ring

Wool: Cascade Eco-Wool; slightly more than one skein used to get a blocked 52″ diameter.

Needles: 2 80-cm US 10 circulars


One comment

  1. Weren’t you just patting yourself on the back when that was finished? I made one for my mom and now want to make the Girasol for myself. Great job on yours and love the color!

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