Knitting in Twilight


I like to post pictures here when I blog, but with it being winter in Germany, light is not something we get a lot of. And my camera only knows how to overexpose a shot or underexpose them (I guess this is really just a problem I have and don’t know how to fix on these “easy” point-and-shoot’s). Well we had a bit of actual sunlight this morning so I grabbed some FO’s to take pics of.

First, these are Fa Fa Fa Socks (rav link), knit in Dragonfly Fiber sock yarn in the colorway Riptide. This sock yarn was an unexpected gift from my friend, Kat, for Christmas. I loooove green so I was thrilled to knit these socks.

Then I found this great pattern (rav link) that uses up scrap yarn, which we all have too much of. These are going to some cats back home. I stuffed them with fiberfill and a teabag of this Schlaf und Nerventee (Sleep and Nervousness tea) that I got for my insomnia a while back. The tea worked great but smelled like ass. A friend’s cat confirmed that this ass-like smell was catnip (she went craaaazy). Hopefully Steve and Jay’s cats also like it!

I’ve got some other WIPs going–a pair of Gentlemans Sock with Lozenge Pattern by Nancy Bush (for the husbeast) and a Wee Wurm Hat for a friend’s little girl. Both are from the stash so I love that. Both are great for insomnia and jetlag knitting, which unfortunately I have been doing a lot of lately.


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