A New Sensation


It’s easy to forget that you live in a foreign country sometimes. (Ok, definitely not the African continent, but surely in Europe.) One example of this is grocery shopping. I went to Rewe yesterday (like a Tesco or other supermarket) and bought some avocadoes (I was too lazy to get up early for the farmer’s market here on Wednesday). So imagine my surprise when I get home and unpack them only to find this sticker on it:

That just would not show up on an avocado in the US.

Anyway, on the knitting front husbeast reminded me last night that Mother’s Day is in a couple of months–that would be the perfect time to give my MIL a second, but summery, cardigan. I decided that I’m going to knit her Estelle (rav link) by Linden Heflin.

It calls for a worsted weight yarn but I think if I knit it in a cotton/microfaser blend (or even bamboo) it should be perfect for her. While I look for yarn (let me know if you have any recommendations in this area) I’m going to knit myself a wintery version of it in some Misti Alpacas Tonos that I got recently at Webs in Northhampton, Massachusetts. FYI, if you have not been to Webs, you must go. It is Mecca for knitters and they let you walk around the warehouse. And there is even a sitting area with magazines for all the bored friends and husbands.

Finally, I have a new semi-finished object to show you. This is Fruit of the Vine (rav link) by Anne Hanson –my favorite designer.  It’s made out of Jaggerspun Zephyr 2/18 laceweight in colorway Juniper. I used US 4 and did 38 repeats–about 444 yards. Now I just have to block it, which I dread as much as doing a set-in sleeve.



  1. Gorgeous scarf – I love the color! I also put off blocking but then I always love what happens when its done!

    Very nice daughter in law to make your MIL a sweater!

  2. hahahah OMG that avocado!!! That sticker is crazy! And you’re right. It wouldn’t. But then again, I saw a lot of things over there that we wouldn’t see here….like the pics of the hopping Billy Bob on a convenience store window….Is that the name? You know what I am talking about, right?????? LOL!!!!!!!!!

  3. Everytime I visit your blog I immediately have to go to Ravelry to add items to my every growning list of favorites/queue! Love the scarf, love the sweater….

    totally love the sticker. Reminds me of the negro cookies in Azerbaijan. LOL.

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