FO: Fruit of the Vine


Pattern: Fruit of the Vine (rav link) by Anne Hanson (non-rav link to the pattern)

Yarn: JaggerSpun Zephyr 2/19 laceweight in colorway Juniper

Mods: I knit 38 repeats instead of the 30 called for to make it a little longer. The final size came out to be 11″ x 59″.

Anne Hanson’s “Little Nothings” series are beautiful scarves that can be made with yarn you most likely already have on hand. They’re great for spring and summer due to the lightweight yarns called for, but I also loooove to wear them underneath my cowls in the winter time; you get all that warmth without the bulk in those places where your cowl just doesn’t fully cover. (Maybe this is just me but I am always cold.)

Update on Ma’s sweater:

My hands apparently forgot what it was like to knit with cotton (aka hell in a crocheted handbasket). So, instead of Estelle (rav link) (which I am almost done knitting for myself in Misti Alpacas Tonos Worsted), I am going to make Tissue Cardigan from the latest edition of Interweave Knits. It calls for Misti Alpacas Lace Weight held double throughout–this I can handle much better than worsted weight cotton. It’ll be light yet warm–perfect for Spring for Ma. And since my MIL only wears black sweaters picking colors she would like is a non-issue. This should give her Coraline (rav link), which I made for her 70th birthday, a break. I’m lucky that I have a great MIL!

Hopefully by my next post I will have another FO to show you–my Estelle cardi. I’m almost done knitting it–just about 10 inches more on the last sleeve–before I can block it and begin the button hunting.



  1. That is a very beautiful scarf – I think I may have to add this to my queue – very pretty!

    I love the cardi you picked out for your Mom – very pretty!

  2. Stunning!!!! Looking forward to seeing the completed sweaters too!

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