Frogged: Wanker Cardigan


Pictured here, and then scroll down to “Tissue Cardigan.” I think I know why it’s called that–because you will want to cry if you knit this. Thinking my MIL would like this sweater I ordered the yarn called for in the pattern and cast on. Immediately I dismissed my gut feelings telling me to knit it all in one piece, not bind off the sleeve stitches, etc. But I went on as the pattern instructed. Stupid stupid stupid. I was sewing the side seams today, and then the sleeve caps when I finally gave up. I realized I would not even give this to a blind person–s/he would inherently know my seams were ugly and wonky.

After a “fun” session of knitting like this, I need chocolate. Or yarn (new yarn). Or a stiff drink. Luckily I have all three! My friend Siga, who lives in Zurich, spoils me with Swiss chocolates. I still have some on hand from the last time she stopped over. For new yarn, my friend Jenn (smartchick on Rav) went to MDSW and got me a beautiful skein of Creatively Dyed sock yarn. Cannot wait to knit with this. And the wine (a Riesling) is in the fridge.

So now I have to frog and rewind all that yarn so I can cast on for what should have been the sweater in the first place, Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig.



  1. I don’t really understand any of this knitting terminology, but I do understand the term Riesling!! Yum!!

  2. I am knitting the Featherweight Cardigan. It’s hibernating right now, but maybe I’ll be inspired by you….can’t wait to see what you make with the Creatively Dyed! I’m surfing for patterns right now. I was thinking Whisper Cardigan, but now I’m thinking socks and a shawl…too many choices!

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