Not Dead


No, I’m not dead. Just busy. It started nine days after my last post; I was in the hospital following an emergency surgery. This was in the midst of planning a move back to the US, which is hard to do when your doctors say you can’t lift anything. So seven months later here we are living in New England, missing German beer and pastries, but I at least have tons of knitting shops at my disposal now.

We have since gotten a dog–a rescue yorkie/jack russell who is two. Her name is Gracie but somehow we end up calling her BooBoo most of the time. She’s sweet as can be, hates to get out of bed early to do her morning business, and is a total cuddlebug.

I have managed to knit quite a bit with so many friends having babies and whatnot, but I did manage to get something done for me. It’s Hannah Fettig’s Lightweight Pullover, which I knit in Beaverslide Dry Goods’ sportweight merino/mohair blend. I loooove this yarn and it goes perfectly with this sweater. I think I may knit another one for next winter, but change up the yoke or something.

I predict 2011 will be a good year (hopefully no surgeries at the very least!).



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